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When You’re Tired Keep Pushing:

Generally as human-beings, when we become fatigued we tend to give-up. But, it is important to understand that once we reach fatigue we are reaching our limits. When you push a little extra during times of fatigue you get that much better, and get that much of an edge on your opponent. I am not telling you that when you get tired to keep going until you pass out, that wouldn’t be very smart and would be very unsafe. All I’m saying is when you feel you are reaching that level of where you can’t go any more just give one last push. By stretching your boundaries you will see gains and improvements. A little uncomfort can spawn a big result. Always remember safety first, though. If you want to push your limits in the weight room be sure to have a “spotter,” or, someone to help , there for you just in case you need them.


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