Become the best basketball player you can possibly be…

“How Do I Find The Right College?”

If you are a high school student-athlete and you want to continue your academic and playing career at the next level, there are a number of questions you need to sit-down and ask yourself:

1) “Do I Want To Stay Close To Home?”

College is a big step, you will be confronted with many issues that you have not been confronted with while in high school. You also will be on your own a lot more often than you are now, while living at home with your family. It is very important to consider whether or not you are ready to be on your own and move further away from home, or, if you want to stay close to home so that you can have more of a physical support system around you. This is something you need to sit-down with your family and find the answer to.

2) “Do I Want/Need To Go To Junior College First?”

Many people have a negative perception on junior college (community college), but honestly there are many reasons why you may want to consider going to a junior college first. If your grades are not up to par with the admission standards at your university of choice, junior college is a perfect way to go to school and earn college credits so that you are able to transfer over to a university after two-years.  You also may be able to play right away for your local junior college team, as oppose to having to sit out a year at a university due to “red-shirting” or even lack of playing time. Junior college is a good way to gain some playing experience at the collegiate level, while earning college units at the same time.

3) “What Is My Families Financial Situation?”

If you do not receive a full-ride scholarship to a university, then more than likely you are going to need financial assistance from your family. If this is the case for you, then you must take into consideration what your family can and cannot afford. This is where spending two-years at a junior college may also benefit you and your family. Classes are much more affordable at the community college level, and again you can gain college courses while playing the game you love. It all depends, this aspect of your selection process is all dependent on YOUR family and must be treated on a case by case basis because everyone’s financial situation is different!

These are just a few of the major questions you need to consider before choosing where you want to attend school. Your final decision should be well thought out, and made with confidence! Take your time when deciding where you want to go to school, do not try to rush the process. I hope these few examples help guide you in your decision, if you need further assistance or have questions don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail!



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