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Moving Without The Basketball

It is important on the offensive end to keep moving. By doing this you are creating opportunities to score for yourself and your teammates. Never get caught standing in one spot. When you stand you are easy to guard, and you are giving your defender time to rest and recover. When you learn to move without the ball well you add an entirely different element to your game. Some of the greatest scorers in basketball are also the best at moving without the ball. Have you ever watched Reggie Miller or Ray Allen play? Ray Allen gets a lot of his shots coming off of a screen for a quick three. To help you improve, below are a couple of tips for you to think about:

1) Set Your Man Up

If you know you are going to come off a screen than set your man up so that they will get picked off by the screen. By doing this properly you will ensure that you will be open for a shot once you come off of the screen.

2) Change Speeds

Never move around at the same speed. Instead, change speeds! Go from slow to fast, or, fast to slow. From a light jog, into a sprint. Mix it up, and always keep your defender guessing. By doing this you become harder to guard.

Keep this in mind next time you play. Try them out and see how much it benefits your game. Below is a video, lead by Richard Hamilton of the NBA’s Detroit Pistons, that gives you a few more tips and drills for you to consider!