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They’re Called “Free” For A Reason

As we all know free-throw shooting is a major part of the game of basketball. But, just like defense gets overlooked, free-throw shooting does as well. If you do not believe free-throw shooting is important, than just ask the members of the 2008 University of Memphis basketball team. Though a talented bunch, to say the least, their failure to make free-throws is arguably the reason why they lost in the national championship game. I say that to say this, you must understand how crucial it is for you to make free-throws! If you are not the greatest free-throw shooter, than practice! Work on your form, work on your routine, and practice, practice, practice. Mastering the art of the free-throw makes you more valuable to your coach. If you can nail free-throws during crunch time then guess what? You will be in the game during crunch time! Knocking down free-throws is an important step to becoming a complete player. When you approach the free-throw line it is important to be cool, calm, and confident. Before you even take the shot, believe that you are going to make the shot! You will be amazed by the results! If you struggle with free-throws, below is a very informational video, lead by Michael Jordan, that you cannot afford to miss:


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