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Dare To Play Defense? (Pt.4)

Paying attention to detail on the defensive end of the court is another big key to becoming a great defender. It is important to realize the tendencies of the person you are guarding. What habits do they have? Do they get frustrated easily? Do they like to go to the basket with their right hand as oppose to their left? Do they shy away from you when you begin to play physical? These are the types of things you must begin to notice when playing defense on your opponent. As soon as you pick up on things like this, you will be able to alter your assignments game and control them, in a sense. Knowing their weaknesses and learning how to expose them is a skill that is worth taking time out of your day to improve on. Also, instead of waiting until the day you play against them, try watching game film on them ahead of time. This will enable you to get a head start and develop a game plan of how you are going to stop them. The video below includes a few more tips from NBA legend, Michael Jordan.


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