Become the best basketball player you can possibly be…

How To: Study Your Game Film

If you are reading this, and you currently do not watch any game film of yourself I would advise you to start doing so as soon as possible. Watching game film is a great way to learn from the mistakes you’ve made and how to prevent them from happening again. When you watch film, do not just watch to see how many points you scored or how many assist you got, etc. Instead, break the film down one possession at a time and take note of the little things you did or did not do. Did you box out after a shot was taken? Did you run as fast as you could during a fast break? Were you giving your all on the defense end? These are the type of questions you should be asking yourself. When you master the little things on the court, you will bring your productivity to a entirely new level. These are just a few things to focus on while watching film, just remember to never get caught just watching the game over. Learn from it just as you do when you are in the classroom!


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