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Being A Leader

Being in a position of leadership is very important on any sports team, especially a basketball team. If you happen to be a captain or co-captain on your team, let me be the first to tell you: “take this role very seriously!” When you are given the title of “captain” there is so much more meaning behind the title then what is presented at face value. This role of leadership means that you are second in command to the coaching staff, and that the coach trusts you, your judgement, and leadership skills to assist him in managing the team. Not only does your coach believe in you, but your fellow teammates do as well. This is why it is very important to take it serious. Be sure that when you are given this position you understand that it is a privilege, and not a right to be a captain! Be very careful you do not allow the power that comes with this position to go to your head! Remain humble! If you begin to allow your ego to overtake you, you WILL lose respect from your teammates that is a guarantee! You also need to make sure that you keep your teammates calm in times of chaos (ie; close games, losing streaks during the season, etc). It is not just the coaches job to make sure the team keeps their focus, it is YOUR job to! Your teammates need to be able to look to you for guidance, and direction. You are the “head of the horse” so to speak, if you don’t have your act together the rest of your team won’t either. Be sure to acknowledge your teammates and their efforts as well if you are ever interviewed for the school or local newspaper, etc. By doing this not only are you remaining humble, but you will also gain respect from your fellow teammates. Not only that, it is a FACT that you would be NOTHING if it wasn’t for your team. No one man can beat an opposing team by himself, it takes a unit! Take your position seriously and perform it with pride, and dignity and remember to always stay humble! As long as you follow these few tips, you will be okay!


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