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Managing Your Eating Habits During The Season

During the season it is just as important to eat correctly as it is to lift correctly. If you are in college this is a complicated task to accomplish, but have no fear there are economically friendly ways that will allow you to eat healthy while on the go. One quick tip I will suggest to you is to make your breakfast and lunch at home instead of buying fast-food. This way you are able to bring the food with you while you go about your day. This will also be more convenient for you because instead of having to buy food after you complete your workout, you will already have a lunch ready for you right after you finish.  If you are in high school, you have much less to worry about. Ask your parents to pack your lunch for you, or, for the “independent” teenager, make it on your own! This is a much healthier alternative to the unhealthy food they offer at school. Take your nutrition seriously, always remember a healthy diet is key to a healthy performance! Below is a video with some additional ideas for you to consider on your journey to great nutritional intake:

Train Hard


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