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Weight-Training During The Season

Weight training during the season is completely different from weight training in the off-season. During the season it is important that you do not go beyond your limits, save that type of thing for the off-season. If you were not working hard enough in the off-season I hate to say it, but it is too late to start now. Especially in January, when you are dead in the middle of your season. Your body is banged up enough as it is from the many games and tournaments you’ve played during Thanksgiving and Christmas break. When you are in the weight-room instead of focusing on lifting heavy, lift lighter weight at a higher repetition than you would normally lift at. To successfully do this, cut back about 5 to 10 pounds of the weight from each workout you did during the summer, and raise the repetition. The ultimate goal of this is to maintain the strength and physique you have gained during the off-season.

Train Hard


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