Become the best basketball player you can possibly be…

Do You Have A Plan Today?

Many of us wake up each morning, brush our teeth(hopefully), wash our face and go about our day without a plan of action. This is a perfect way to live if you don’t want to be productive and accomplish much of anything. But if you plan on getting better as a human being and more specifically a basketball player, it is mandatory that you make some changes immediately!

If you are new to this whole “planning” thing, here are some pointers to help you:

1) Plan The Night Before

Sit down and write out what exactly it is that you want to accomplish the next day. Also write down how you will get this done. By having a list it will be easy to check off what task you have completed, so that you can see how much progress you have made that day.

2) Follow Through On Your Daily Goals

If you spent the time to write it down, then make sure you complete it! Why waste time writing something down if you’re not even going to follow through on it?

3) Continue The Cycle

Once you’ve gotten into the habit of writing down your daily goals, make sure to continue doing it. Be sure that you do not get lazy, and that you stay consistent.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of this, begin to write down your goals for the week, month, and year! This will give you a boost in your productivity when training, ultimately allowing you to come closer to becoming the best athlete you can be!


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