Become the best basketball player you can possibly be…

Eliminate The Distractions:

We all have an array of devices available to us thanks to technology. Computers, social network sites, cell phones, video game consoles, etc. It is very easy for any of these things to distract us from our training; it is important that we do not allow this to happen!

Some people are very attached to their electronic devices, if you are one of these people you must realize that this type of attachment can limit your gains from your training sessions. I’ve had teammate’s in the past who would answer their cell-phones and text while working out. I’ve also seen people literally flunk out of college all because they wanted to play video games instead of going to class! This type of thing should never happen. Be disciplined, be smart about your decisions. When you go to work out, turn your phone off, or, put it on silent. Your phone does not have legs, it won’t get up and walk away while you’re working out, all your messages and missed calls will be waiting for you when you finish. Doing this will allow you to be 100% focused on your workout. Personally, when I go to lift or get shots up, my phone does not get brought into the gym with me. The outside world can wait, dedicate an hour or however long it takes you to getting better!


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